Thursday, April 22, 2010

Milton High School Indoor Drumline Voted World Championship Finalist and Open Class Fan Favorite at Percussion World Championships.

Alpharetta, GA April 22, 2010 – Imagine being amongst 170 high school and college drumline ensembles from over 40 states and 4 countries and performing in front of thousands of fans. Now imagine not only performing in the world championship and watching the world’s greatest indoor drumlines, but also being awarded as World Championship Finalists and Open Class Fan Favorite! That’s the thrill Milton High School’s Indoor Drumline got at the WGI World Championships in Dayton Ohio this past weekend.

“The Milton Indoor Drumline has only been to the WGI World Championships two times and we’ve made finals each time, a great accomplishment when you consider that many schools have attended for years and have yet to reach this goal,” said Mark Kapral, Milton High School’s Percussion Director. “I was so proud of them and how they performed this weekend!”

With a show entitled, “The Unknown”, the 38 member team entertained the crowds with an electrifying performance, securing them as finalists out of 24 competing drumlines in their division from all over the world and soon after were also awarded the title, “Open Class Fan Favorite”. This was the culmination of countless hours of grueling daily practice for five months, and for the Milton High School Indoor Drumline, those long hours obviously paid off. So how do you follow all that? Well, after a brief rest, putting together another show for next year and wowing the crowds once more, of course.

The Milton High School Indoor Drumline is under the direction of Mark Kapral and Brandon Kunka and performed exhibitions, and also competed in local, regional, and world competitions. Their success is directly related to a combination of hard work from the students, the staff, and the Parent Boosters Club. For more information, contact Hal Eisenberg or visit

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Anonymous said...

Tim, do you hate the band too, even if it is indoors?

Tim Enloe said...

I like quiet like most people.

As long as I don't hear it, why should I care?

On a side note, it is not the kids fault where the slammed that school in; that fault lies within Tesch and the infamous board.

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Anonymous said...

well put Tim.

Freemanville Rd shout out

Anonymous said...

Do the Milton students refer to Milton as Tesch Mahal?