Friday, April 23, 2010

This Is Your Fulton County School Board.


In light of the recent questionable actions from the Fulton County School Board regarding your tax dollars and the cutting of the band program as well as an attempt to raise the mileage rate, we dusted off this fantastic investigative report by Wendy Salztman of CBS Atlanta showing misappropriation of funds televised this past summer. Watch all the videos below and prepare to have your eyes opened.

It is obvious that if this wasteful spending was not uncovered by CBS Atlanta, nothing would have been done.

In addition, if this type of action has taken place, what else does the tax paying constituency not know?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't that make your a@@ crave cord wood?

Anonymous said...

The stuff gets reported, and nothing everyhappens. I would be amazed if they got audited and they had enough signatures to remove 6 of them? why not 7, what has the 7th one done that warrants keeping them as well?? don't they need 14,000 signatures per district to remove?? All Government needs an overhaul! I bet we could get a handful of stay at home moms to do a better job running the BOE and allocating our tax dollars! If the Gov had to operate like we have to run our households, we wouldn't be in this mess! Seems to me wastefull spending is the culprit to their shortfalls, the Federal Mantra.