Thursday, April 01, 2010

Seven Gables Farm / Provinos Feeds The Cops!

By Tim Enloe;

Once again, John Bogino of Seven Gables Farm and Provinos Italian Restaurants stepped up to the plate and fed the cops!

This time around, he had garlic rolls, a fancy desert and some top notch Italian in tow.

When asked why he is part of the program, John replied "Our Milton Police Officers are just the best...I can't count the times they have helped me and my farm out."

Just a day prior, one of Milton's finest came to the rescue of one of Seven Gables' beloved Great Pyreneese Dogs which had escaped.

Many thanks to John for supporting our Heroic Milton Police Department and many thanks to our Milton Heroes for working each and every day to keep Milton safe.

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Anonymous said...

When is Norvell going to take Varsity chili dogs to the cops?