Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Milton OK's one cell tower, rejects two others.

By Ralph Ellis
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Milton City Council granted T-Mobile South permission to build a cell phone tower, but with restrictions, and turned down the company's request to build two other towers.

The council voted Monday night to allow construction of a tower at 13302 New Providence Road as long as T-Mobile submits an engineering plan for wind load requirements and the tower doesn’t exceed 100 feet. T-Mobile wanted to build a 150-foot tower.

The city community development, which recommended denial of the request, must approve that tower’s design.

The council rejected requests to build a 145-foot tower at 2880 Mountain Road and a150-foot tower at 14495 Hopewell Road. Four-foot lightning rods were planned for all the towers.


Anonymous said...

Great just great 1st we spent 15000 on the obrien charge and now we are gonna get sued by t-mobile.

This is gonna give enloe an anurism
since zero moola will be left for his cops.

The Independent Rage said...

What is Milton's reaction to the current Atlanta-based reality series, What Chilli Wants? I would assume all positive.

Anonymous said...

They are keeping in line with our Federal Government, spend spend spend what we don't have. Then cry cry cry they need to raise taxes. What's that? what? Is that Obama I hear saying he won't raise any taxes on anyone making less the $250,000, won't touch our taxes. He said NOTHING about creating new ones now didn't he??? What a clever clever guy we have in the White House. I hope all you Obama fans are happy watching our country fundamentally transform alright, into socialism and marxism.

Have you pulled the wool off your eyes yet?? have you stopped drinking the koolaid? If not, then there is no HOPE for you!