Wednesday, September 01, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture? / Pt. 2

Christmas has been a four letter word in our public school system over the past decade due to it's religious connection, yet here we have not one but two references of religious celebration in a public elementary school's newsletter?

The more I look around, America seems to be evolving from the land of the free to the land of the double standard. This country was founded on equal treatment under the law - period. Yet,more and more are choosing to become afflicted with "gray-area-itis." Why?

Another item that came to light was not only what was included in this "Looking Forward" section; it was what was not included.

We are approaching the ninth anniversary of 9-11. With so many lives lost on that terrible day, one would think that a simple acknowledgement would have transpired here. An education on what took place...a moment of silence scheduled...or even a simple reference in an elementary newsletter. Unfortunately, that would not be the case.

What's wrong with this picture? Is it so hard for a rule to be followed for all involved? America was founded on uniting those of a different background under a common ideology and a common goal=> That being freedom and equal treatment.

The system was not set up for the "special people" to abide by an enlightened rule of order while the rest of us adjust to a common man's law.

"We will never forget..."? If anything, we have forgotten all too soon.


Anonymous said...

Was the excuse it occurs on a Saturday? Good one! So our public schools only recognize Pearl Harbor or any other national tragedy if they occur on a monday through Friday? Our Public schools should be taking the lead on learning real factual history and also taking the lead on Patriotism in America. Maybe if we teach our kids, then America can be united again as one, instead of divided into 25 or more different cultures who put their names before it.

2993 innocent people were murdered by radicals of the muslim faith on 9/11. I can see the sensitivity of it, bonehead move by the school.

Anonymous said...

You paint a picture of further controversy by distorted images of a clouded glass of half empty, where simple acts of human error are exploited, so that Milton may exist on the edge of darkness. Is this forum your pulpit? May I suggest a new sideline? Work WITH people, not against them. Many glasses will overflow. Perception changes as easily as seasons, day by day. When will that day be.

Anonymous said...

The school made an error. That is all it was,they corrected it. With or without us telling them. It feels as if Milton schools are under attack by a different breed of radical these days. Elections are over with too much time on their hands. Or what, Let's focus on something else more less polarizing is one suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this is about the school, much bigger picture.
Pointing out the truth is not the controversy or being radical. Give me a break? Did you know Our buildings were knocked down? You want us to work with them? Do you really understand them and their goals? Even Ossama bin laden said quote," Islam reveres death, and Americans revere life." we will never live side by side in peace. They even disown moderate Muslims and Americanized muslims as one of us, The enemy, and will do away with them just as easily. I don't call that working with people do you? Try reading the English version of the Quor'an, available at Barnes andNobel and read for yourself how jihad is part of
life, not a term invented by the Pentagon. I guess my glass is half empty too.