Tuesday, September 07, 2010

This REALLY Bothers Me...


This REALLY bothers me...

It has been bothering me since the news hit.

Here we have a young man working two jobs with his own dreams and aspirations to reach. Then along come individuals of a lesser sort and steal all that away from him.

A couple of things to throw out there in the hopes of a healthy discussion:

1. There was no reason this man had to die. In my world of basic right and wrong, my finger is pointed at those accused. What about you? Do you agree or are you going to paint these alledged murders as "victims" and blame the "system" instead?

2. We have heard from political leaders both past and present that illegals are doing jobs "Americans won't do." In the case of the deceased, he was working as a security guard and at Waffle House...

3. If you think the bubble of Milton will protect you and your loved ones from this kind of crime, think again. It is out there and waiting to strike at any given moment. I have witnessed this first hand. Request a ride along with our wonderful MPD and you will see the same.

4. We need more officers and a community of citizens who supports these heroes NOW instead of questioning their every move as they put their lives on the line for us.

In conclusion, my heart goes out to David Casto and his loved ones. While I hope he did not die in vain, something makes me think he did...

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