Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Studio One to One Announces Body Balance Challenge with a $700 Prize.

Studio One to One announced the launch of the Body Balance Challenge, an 8-week nutrition and exercise challenge exclusively for Milton residents. Only 15 people will be accepted into the challenge. Once qualified, participants only need to pay $5 to put the first two weeks of the Body Balance Challenge to the test. Participants who accept the 8-week challenge can expect a physical and emotional transformation, and have a chance of $700 "best transformation" prize.

Elaina Smith, owner, says "If your body is out of balance, then your life is out of balance. I've seen it happen myself. When I take care of my body, everything else falls into place. And I've seen it happen with more clients than you'd ever imagine."

Body Balance Challenge will provide a highly structured, highly personalized 8-week nutrition and exercise program -- no more guesswork about how to get the weight loss, fat loss and fitness results you want in the shortest time possible.

The challenge is accepting entries through October 15th. Visit for complete details and registration form. -- Elaina Smith
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