Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Post-Sept. 20 council meeting wrap-up.


1. ZM10-02 - A request by JSB Triangle, Inc., located on Morris Road and Bethany Bend, Hidden Forest Subdivision to modify 2002Z-105 and 2003ZM-067/2003VC- 0247 to modify Condition 2.a. (2003ZM-067) by deleting the November 18, 2003 site Plan currently referenced and substituting and placing in lieu thereof the site plan filed on June 30, 2010. To modify Condition 3.e. (2002Z-105) by reducing the minimum 50-foot perimeter principal building setback to 35 feet where the subject site adjoins property zoned AG-1 (Agricultural). (Agenda Item No. 10-1196) (Deferred on August 2, 2010)
(First Presentation on September 8, 2010) (Lynn Tully, Community Development Director)
Approved 7-0 with modifications

2. RZ10-04 - Approval to Amend the City of Milton Zoning Ordinance to Create a Required Distance for Convenience Stores and Service Stations from Residential Uses/Zoning Districts within the Northwest Fulton Overlay and State Route 9 Overlay Districts (Chapter 64 Division 5 and Chapter 64 Division 6). (Agenda Item No. 10-1212) (Administratively Deferred on August 16, 2010)
(First Presentation on September 8, 2010)
(Work Session on September 13, 2010)
(Lynn Tully, Community Development Director)
Denied 6-1 with the condition the item will be discussed at the Nov. 8 City Council work session.


1. Approval of An Ordinance to Amend the Code of Ordinances of the City of Milton, to Establish the Code of Ethics for the City of Milton; to Further and Incorporate the Policies and Laws of the State of Georgia Relating to Ethical Standards; to Create the Board of Ethics and Provide for Board Membership, Duties, and Responsibilities; to Provide for the Disposition of Ethics Complaints; to Ensure Compliance with Ethical Standards; to Repeal Conflicting Provisions; to Provide for Severability; to Provide for an Effective Date; and for Other Purposes. (Agenda Item No. 10-1221)
(First Presentation on September 8, 2010) (Ken Jarrard, City Attorney)
Approved 7-0 with the following modifications: Attorneys can have no prior relationship with the City of Milton; Board will be made up of between nine and 15 attorneys.
2. Approval of an Ordinance of the Mayor and Council of the City of Milton, Georgia, to Adopt Amendments to the Fiscal 2010 Budget for Each Fund of the City of Milton, Georgia Amending the Amounts Shown in Each Budget as Expenditures, Amending the Several Items of Revenue Anticipations, Prohibiting Expenditures to Exceed Appropriations, and Prohibiting Expenditures to Exceed Actual Funding Available. (Agenda Item No. 10-1230)
(First Presentation on September 8, 2010) (Stacey Inglis, Finance Director)
Approved 7-0

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