Thursday, September 09, 2010

Flight 93 Memorial.

An artist rendering of 'The Entry Portal' of the Flight 93 Memorial.

In light of 9-11, we thought the following information might be of interest to our readers. For those unaware, a 2200 acre memorial park dedicated to the heroes on Flight 93 recently broke ground.

As their website so eloquently put it, "To help Americans make a connection to the story of Flight 93 and to learn about both the people and their actions, we need a place dedicated to the memory of these great heroes. We need a place where healing and understanding of the wounds inflicted by Flight 93 can occur. We need a place where future generations can come to learn about how the actions of a few people can make a profound and lasting difference. We need a place that permanently recounts the story of Flight 93 for audiences of all ages and backgrounds in ways that go far beyond movies and textbooks."

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Anonymous said...

I visited the site during the summer of 2002. It was pristine, spontaneous, and moving. Neighbors, self-appointed, stood by to help mourners and those paying their respects.

There were small monuments to each of the fallen heroes, and a board on which a note or thought could be pinned. Small flags flew, and a book was there for signing, though for whom it was intended, I don't know. Leaves fluttered on trees at the edge of the field.

That day, the breeze was soft, the air warm, and our grief heartfelt.

The government really had no place there, which, in some respects, is as it should be. There was a solemnity that I hope government will respect.