Monday, September 20, 2010

Forsyth County Neighborhood Watch Information

The Sheriff’s Office has recently responded to several incidents where cars have been entered into and items stolen. We have seen many of these in the parking lots for the Greenway at Bethelview Road and at McFarland Parkway and some of our local parks where youth teams are playing and practicing. This has also happened in areas around us such as Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Suwannee.
In most of these instances, there was no “forced entry” into the vehicles, as they were left unlocked. However in several instances the windows were broken in, as items such as laptop computers and purses were left in the open on the front seat or console. You can avoid being a victim by locking your car doors and putting valuables in the trunk outside of view when out using the Parks and Greenway. Valuable items left out in the open are an invitation to criminals to force entry if necessary to get the items they can see.

These types of thefts, even if windows are broken in to gain entry, happen very fast and are very difficult to stop. The easiest way to prevent these incidents is by putting valuables in the trunk outside of view.

Be very observant of any suspicious activitity, such as people that are watching cars and people more than ballgames. Please call 911 immediately
If you do see suspicious activity and let us come check it out. For any other issues you can call the non emergency number into the 911 center at 770-781-3087. As always, Liason’s please call me with any issues or concerns at 678-513-5982


Sgt Allan Frampton
Crime Prevention Unit

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