Thursday, September 23, 2010

Public Safety Fund to hold charity softball tourney.

Games part of Milton Roundup Oct. 23

MILTON, GA., Sept. 23, 2010 - Organizers today announced the non-profit Milton Public Safety Fund (MPSF) will hold a charity softball tournament Oct. 23 during the Milton Roundup at Birmingham United Methodist Church.

All funds from the tournament, which teams may enter for a registration fee of $250, will benefit the City of Milton Police and Fire departments. Teams are guaranteed two games, said Milton police officer Brian Kiel, who is organizing the event.

"Everyone is invited to take part in the tournament - co-ed, corporate, public safety, government, recreation or neighborhood teams," said Kiel. "We're hoping for a good mix of all."

Kiel said space is limited, so teams will be first-come, first-served. He said players will use a .47 core softball and play on a youth-sized field. As such, there will be a "no home run" rule. The tournament structure will be determined by the number of teams in the event. In addition, teams will be required to bring two balls to cut down on cost.

To sign up for the MPSF charity softball tournament, click here.

You may also sign up by visiting the City of Milton's Web site,, and clicking "Find a Form or Permit." The online application is under "Online Forms" and is titled "MPSF charity softball tournament application." The registration deadline is Oct. 15.

Please make all checks payable to the Milton Public Safety Fund. The organization's mailing address is 980 Birmingham Road, Suite 501-200 Milton, GA 30004.

For more information, contact Kiel at


Founded in 2007 by local civic and business leaders, the Milton Public Safety Fund (MPSF) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit corporation providing support to the Milton Police and Fire departments. MPSF is composed of eight non-appointed, volunteer members and a five-member Milton Police and Fire Advisory Board.

Through partnerships with local corporate and individual donors, the MPSF's mission is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Milton Police and Fire Departments for the betterment of the city's residents and business community. MPSF relies on a variety of community resources to help raise funds to purchase equipment for and provide training to our Police and Fire Departments, including fundraising activities and private and corporate donations.

To make a donation or for additional information on partnership opportunities benefiting the Milton Public Safety Fund, please contact us at


Anonymous said...

Public Saftey fund. Yeah right, let's call it what it really is...Fire Fighter fund. Why doesn't the city simpley get rid of the Police, nobody wants them around!

Anonymous said...

oh jeez, waa waa waa. besides the police get all the free meals.

Anonymous said...

You are the very reason we need law enforcement and a fire department. Better yet, why don't the first two posts move from our city.

fuck you said...
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Anonymous said...

Last Poster: No wonder you hate the Milton Police Dept, It appears you "do" heavy drugs. In about 10 minutes your comment will be deleted. and you will self-destruct.

Anonymous said...

Why does an event such as the softball tournament for charity garner such unnecessary posts?
Where has the kindness and concern for others vanished to by some people in our city? This is sad.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that in one of the richest communities in Georgia, the public servants must beg for funds. Speeding Ticket:$100 dollars; Gun: $400 dollars: Car $25,000. PROTECTING OUR FAMILIES PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!