Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Road To Safety"

Milton High School and Alpharetta High School are participating in the first Annual Road to Safety Video Competition Program sponsored by Protect Milton, Access Milton, the Milton and Alpharetta Police Departments, the Fulton County Board of Education, and other local area businesses.

Kids (of driving age) from both schools will submit a 2 minute video which must contain a message addressing the dangers teens face as new drivers on the roads specific to their towns.

Winner will receive bragging rights for their school, a full day's driving course at the Richard Petty Defensive Driving School at Road Atlanta and other various prizes from local businesses in our communities.

Winning school will receive a $500 Enviromental Grant from Protect Milton or items for their school, in addition to a gift certificate from Staples for office or school supplies.

The winner will be honored and the winning video will be viewed at both City Halls by Mayor Lockwood and Mayor Letchas, in addition to being highlighted on Access Milton in the top news slot for one entire week. The winning video will be showcased at all participating High Schools. Deadline to submit video is October 8th, and winner announced on October 12th.

For more information on this contest please contact your school. Registration forms are available at both schools and you can either mail the video on DVD to Access Milton, or drop it off at the front desk of your school by the deadline! Rules for this competition are on the registration and release forms at the schools.

Good Luck to both schools! Have Fun! And Safe Driving!


Anonymous said...

Tim, isn't this a duplicate of an earlier posting, which had numerous comments?

As I recall the last comment made mention of an eye for an eye and do two wrongs make a right or something to that effect.

Anonymous said...

Duplicates are allowed, SUNSHINE.

Anonymous said...

....and your point is???

Anonymous said...

Question about the road to safety competition. The rules state no copyrighted material. Can I use
copyrighted material that is royalty free and I also have the permission of the person who holds the copyright to use in my video?

Tim Enloe said...

If you have any questions regarding the "Road To Safety" Program, please reach out to your school for the answer and they will be in touch with the appropriate parties.

Thank you.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552