Monday, September 20, 2010

Milton begins fall paving Sept. 27.

Portions of Hickory Flat, Thompson and Morris roads to be affected.

MILTON, GA., Sept. 20, 2010 - Milton will begin its fall paving schedule beginning Monday, Sept. 27, said Carter Lucas, Milton's director of Public Works.

Lucas said three roads will be affected: Hickory Flat Road from the Fulton County line to Birmingham Highway (Ga. 372); Thompson Road from Hopewell Road to Tabbystone Place; and Morris Road from Webb to McGinnis Ferry roads.
Click here for a map of the areas affected.

"Paving operations are expected to last approximately two weeks on each section depending on weather," said Lucas. "The project will begin on Hickory Flat, move to Thompson and finish on Morris."

The roads will remain open during the paving, but will be reduced to one travel lane. Motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes if possible during the construction period, he said.
"But if you must drive through the construction zone, use extreme caution and please drive slowly," said Lucas.

These portions of Morris, Thompson and Hickory Flat roads are ranked No. 2, 3 and 4, respectively, in the city's pavement management plan approved last year by City Council. The $1.121 million contract for the projects is to be carried out by Blount Construction Company.


Anonymous said...

Are they going to pave over the new pretty white lines and yellow lines? Cart before the horse.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should make sure they pave before painting the roads this time...unlike on Bethany Road!

Anonymous said...

Since the citizens now have to pay for lawyers regarding the ethics board, let's just do a patch job on the roads.

Anonymous said...

I thought we already did!!!!

Anonymous said...

The very reason we do not need the new paving on city roads and certainly no work on the gravel roads.
Come on people, let's save a little of taxpayers' money and pay our police and firemen something extra for their dedication and long hours of hard work.

Anonymous said...

3:01PM, let me guess, you don't reside on or travel the named roads, right.