Wednesday, August 03, 2011

News from Friends of Alan Tart.

Courtesy Paid for by Friends of Alan Tart.

Dear Friends and Citizens:

I hope you and your families are doing well. I am seeking re-election to the Milton City Council (District 6, At-Large). I want to thank you for trusting me as your city council member these past three and a half years. It has truly been an honor.

My first term in office has been marked by preparedness, honesty, integrity, and commitment. I have learned a tremendous amount about community planning and zoning, parks and recreation, public works, transportation, municipal law, budgeting, and council and city staff relationships.

Most of all, I have learned how to be more effective and respectful in a political environment where the views of my fellow elected officials may not be the same as mine or in sync with one another. That experience will be needed as the city continues to move forward from where we began just five years ago.

My Commitment to You Four Years Ago

Four years ago, I committed to you that I would do the following:

Preserve Milton's unique, rural equestrian character
Support smart growth and development that adheres to our land use plan, zoning ordinance, and design standards
Support fully staffed, equipped, and trained fire and police departments
Be fiscally conservative with your tax dollars and cut waste
Take steps to improve the look and character of the Highway 9 area
Support adoption of a new comprehensive plan that charts our vision for the next 20 years
Support efforts to strengthen preservation of our trees, waterways, and historic structures
Vote against extension of sewer to areas of Milton not already on sewer
Support the creation of a city-wide crime prevention network
Expand recreation opportunities, acquire additional parkland, and begin the development of parks we already have
Provide for a local government that is accessible to and inclusive of everyone 

Accomplishments Thus Far

The collective efforts of many hardworking volunteers, highly talented and dedicated city staff members, and elected officials have brought us far in our five year history as a city. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that the accomplishments listed below were a collective effort, and I am proud to have had a vital role. During my first term in office, among other decisions and accomplishments, I am very proud to have:

Voted to approve development that meets our land use plan, zoning ordinance, and design standards
Voted to deny development that did not meet our land use plan, zoning ordinance, or design standards or that threatened our environment or our citizens' quality of life or safety
Voted to approve a fiscally viable City of Milton 20-year Comprehensive Plan
Assisted in the development of (and voted to approve) the City of Milton 2012-2015 strategic plan that provides city staff with a roadmap for executing the community's agreed-upon long-term priorities and vision
Co-sponsored a resolution to create a Highway 9 Design Guidelines Committee which later led to the adoption of enhanced design standards for future development in the Highway 9/Deerfield area. These will ultimately improve the look and feel of the area and make it more pedestrian-friendly.
Voted to approve height restrictions and enhanced buffer requirements along Highway 9 to ensure harmony between commercial and residential development
Voted to approve a joint Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) grant with Alpharetta for improving the character, look, and feel of the Windward/Highway 9 corridors
Voted twice to deny extension of sewer into areas of Milton not currently on sewer
Voted to approve a Transportation Master Plan that lays the foundation for needed intersection and road improvements and vehicular patterns in and around our city
Voted to terminate the services of CH2M Hill and transition most city services to a more traditional style of government - a move that saved the city $1.25 million in 2010 and will save another ~$1 million in 2011
Worked with staff to stand up the Milton's Police and Citizens Together (MPACT) program designed to support neighborhood crime watch programs and serve as a reporting and information distribution system for crime
Voted to approve the acquisition of land at Webb Rd. and Deerfield Pkwy. that will ultimately be made into a pocket park
Voted to form a Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, make capital improvements to Bell Memorial Park, renovate the Bethwell Community Center, and complete a parks and recreation citizens' needs assessment survey that will serve as the basis for our first parks and recreation master planning process to begin this year
Approved numerous operating agreements with surrounding municipalities, schools, and youth associations and a summer day camp program, all of which greatly expanded our citizens' recreation opportunities
Voted for the adoption of a new Tree Preservation Ordinance that applies to both homeowners and developers and is designed to not only protect existing trees, but to encourage the planting of more native tree species as well
Supported the creation of a Historic Preservation Commission and voted to purchase the historic Hopewell House (built between 1805 and 1830) which will ultimately generate revenue for the city
Appointed the most diverse, professionally talented group of volunteers the city has to offer
Voted to approve three balanced fiscal years budgets that -
Enhanced services and the quality of life of our citizens and businesses
Retained a professional, highly competent city staff
Funded additional police and firefighters, as well as essential equipment and training
Repaired bridges
Paved roads and maintained gravel roads
Provided for multi-year funding needed to make intersection improvements
Funded the initiation of master planning for the Deerfield and Crabapple character areas
Has resulted in a $7.8 million fund balance (the difference between our assets and liabilities) as of FY '10

An Elected Official Who Does What He Says He Will Do....How Refreshing!

As you can see, I did exactly what I said I would do four years ago, which I hope serves as proof that I am a man of my word. If for any reason I cannot keep my promise to you, i.e. new information or data requires me to take a different course, I will tell you why. That's why I am asking for your support in my re-election bid. There is more to accomplish, and my unique combination of energy, commitment, experience, and proven leadership abilities will be vital to getting it done.

Plans for Next Term

In addition the same commitments I made four years ago, I commit to do the following in my second term:

Ensure fiscal responsibility and viability of the city in the short and long term
Continue to preserve Milton's unique rural, equestrian character including exploring creative ways to proactively protect and capitalize on this asset
Fully staff our police and fire departments
Expand parks and recreation opportunities for our citizens
Continue funding intersection and road improvements to facilitate traffic flow, manage speed, and improve driver, pedestrian, and biker safety
Support smart growth and development that adheres to our land use plan, zoning ordinance, and design standards and provides for interconnectivity that alleviates traffic
Promote new and existing businesses that improve the quality of life of citizens
Support the building of a public safety/community center complex in the Highway 9 area - a move that will save residents money on their homeowners insurance and improve response times
Support the design and building of a permanent city hall - a move that will save taxpayers' money versus what we pay now in rent for a city hall and will create a sense of place and permanence for our citizens
Support an update to the Crabapple Master Plan and a first master planning process for the Deerfield and Arnold Mill character areas. This is essential to ensuring quality, viable growth and development, character, and a sense of place and harmony in these areas.

Call to Action - How You Can Help

Make no mistake about it...this is an extremely important election for Milton. This is what you can do to ensure our success on Nov 8:
Make a monetary donation. Campaigns are very expensive, and I need your help.
Display a yard sign
Host a meet and greet or fundraiser
Volunteer to be part of the Friends of Alan Tart campaign team
Vote to Re-elect Alan Tart!
Please let me know how you can help and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks again for your support!


Alan M. Tart

Council Member (District 6, At-Large)

Milton, GA

phone: 678-464-8550



Anonymous said...

uh mr. tart you and jezebelle voted against the creation of the historic preservation committee and thats in the official records but hey thanks for giving us a reason not to relect you after telling us you supported that waste of money on hopewell road and lying about your supposed support

Anonymous said...

As if that's the reason you are saying you won't reelect him. I say stay with Tart or be faced with another nobody we've never heard of or seen attend one council meeting or be involved in one thing in Milton until he now decides to run for council. No thanks!! Elect people who are involved and engaged in this town, not those who find it convenient to be involved to get elected.

Large was so "small" before this election no one ever saw or heard of him.

Lee at said...

I'm not a Milton resident, so feel free to discount my thoughts completely if you wish...

I'm glad to see Alan Tart running for re-election. Lance Large will likely spend a lot of money on his campaign. He also has deep connections to businesses that I don't think are congruent Milton beliefs.

Alpharetta's council has been completely overrun with those loyal to the business community and the Chamber. I hope it doesn't happen to the surrounding cities.

Not a Horse Farmer said...

People who live in Alan Tart's district and other areas on the east side of Milton have the worst of all possible worlds. They live in a high density, highly commercialized, highly congested area that generates the bulk of Milton's tax dollars, but they live in the City of Milton which does not spend its tax dollars on parks, public safety and road improvements like Alpharetta does. Milton's tax dollars are used to fund stupid pet projects like horse ambulances and historic fixer-uppers in an effort to protect and preserve Milton's rural, equestrian-centric heritage.

Julie Zahner Bailey and the Protect Milton folks put Alan Tart into office to protect and preserve their interests, not to address the concerns of people who don't live on horse farms and multi-million dollar estates.

Families who want parks and police protection and safe roads are smart enough to realize that Julie Zahner Bailey and Alan Tart have not addressed these issues - and they will vote them out.

Anonymous said...

And who is going to run against Julie?

Anonymous said...

The mayor ond council are just Douches

Anonymous said...

Julie Zahner Bailey and the Milton Goes Green folks (MGG) put Alan in office, "Not a horse farmer's post" correction.

Anonymous said...

Release the dawg gone survey City Hall so we can see where the people wanted to put the new city center and city hall, bet the majority didn't want it in Crabapple. It should go on Hwy 9, in the commercialized area to improve the main road that everyone and their brother drives through entering into our city. The statement should be made where the masses are, improving the look and feel of hwy 9 so that it aliggns with our so called mission statement. How can we be different when we look the same as every other run down town on hwy 9. Tire change and lube, nails, gas stations, strip malls, etc. etc. How unique are we? we are not.
Hwy 9 is where we should be spending the money to improve Milton not Crabapple where certain council people are connected to business owners and developers who are drooling to get started. That intersections is a mess, add now add a couple hundred students from Roswell to that mix with zero infrastructure improvements and what do you have! A frikkin nightmare. Who do we thank? Lockwood, Thurman, Lusk, Tart, Bailey, Longoria, and who's that other guy, oh yeah, Hewitt.

Anonymous said...

How can this guy honestly run again after the crap he pulled in his own subdivision....If you elect him you are saying you are against public safety, the military, and any warm blooded American who ever gave his life for our freedom!

Anonymous said...

That's a bold statement. I doubt Alan is against the military, public safety and those who have died for our country. I think that statement is a bit off the deep end. Don't make this into politics, if it wasn't elections around the corner it wouldn't be such a big issue and you all know that. Don't make a man out to be something he is not over a simple mistake in a HOA issue regarding a flag. I am sure Alan is a proud American and supports our troups. don't you realize Americans are fed up and sick and tired of the politics on all levels, including small towns like this. Knock it off, it's tasteless.

Anonymous said...

Than anybody who voted for Obama is anti-American too, if you want to label Tart as such!

"Presidential" Downgrade!! AA

Give me a break!!!
Agree with last poster!