Sunday, August 14, 2011

Near Miss On Bethany Road.

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The Open Road Neighborhoods of Milton Georgia continue to increase with recreational activity. More often than not, citizens are using these residential nodes for cycling, jogging,and horse back riding.

The video above was shot at 10am on Sunday morning. The location is Bethany Road between
Mayfield and Providence Roads. Of interest are the four cyclists and one jogger enjoying the rural character of Milton.

This section of Bethany Road is home to 44 families.

On average, Milton Georgia typically has three officers per twelve hour shift. The city is almost twice the size of Alpharetta geographically.


Anonymous said...

It happens all the time. Drivers constantly forced over the yellow line and into on coming traffic as not to hit a jogger or cyclist. Drivers forced to put their life in danger and other drivers traveling in the opposite direction to avoid hitting them. It's a matter of time before an injury or worse occurs. Something needs to be done to keep everyone safe. But what?

Anonymous said...

make it illegal for bike riders to be on the road.

Anonymous said...

Make it illegal to bike, walk or jog on a country road, how dare they!