Thursday, August 25, 2011

On A National Note...

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'Hawkeye' the Loyal Dog Finds a Home After Capturing World's Heart

"Hawkeye," the loyal dog who became a worldwide web sensation after photos and videos of him refusing to leave his master's side—even in his funeral casket—hit the web, will be cared for by a close friend of Navy Seal Jon Tumilson, say family members.

Although Tumilson's funeral was held last week, it wasn't until Thursday that pictures and videos of the moment circulated the web and pulled at the world's heartstrings.

Tumilson was one of the Navy Seals killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan earlier this month and his funeral was attended by more than 1,500 mourners. But it was Hawkeye who captured the heartbreaking grief over the tragedy by refusing to leave the spot in front of Tumilson's casket and whimpering from his loss.

Naturally, the first question would be, "what will happen to Hawkeye now?"
Family members are reporting that the faithful Labrador Retriever, who was a personal pet and not a military dog, will be cared for by neighbor Scott Nichols. The loyal dog will be in good hands as Nichols has cared for Hawkeye before, usually at times when Tumilson was deployed.

It's very comforting to know that Hawkeye will be cared for by someone who already knows and loves him. But it's plain that even if a close friend had not stepped in to take care of this magnificent example of "Man's Best Friend," offers to adopt the dog would be pouring in from all over the world.

It's obvious that Jon Tumilson would never have thought that his loyal companion would ever be world-famous for displaying such uncanny, human-like emotion. But it is fitting that Hawkeye has expressed the profound grief, in his own way, that most people would find hard to do.

Be well, faithful friend. Mission accomplished...

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