Saturday, August 20, 2011

‘Sex and the City’ resemblance tips cops to burglary suspect.

By David Ibata
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The burglar in her bedroom looks just like Smith Jerrod. That's what a Milton woman -- an apparent fan of “Sex and the City" -- told police, giving them a break in the investigation of burglaries in a local neighborhood.

“She was in bed, woke up and saw him standing at the bedroom door,” Milton police Capt. Shawn McCarty said. “When he saw she was a awake, he left the house.”
“Once she gave us a description, that’s what helped us narrow it down to this individual,” McCarty said. “She said he looked like the young guy from ‘Sex and the City,’ a young guy with blond hair.”
Specifically, the woman told Channel 2 Action News, he looks like Smith Jerrod, Samantha Jones' romantic interest on the HBO show.

At first, McCarty said, investigators didn’t think much of it, “but he actually does look pretty much like the guy.”William Jarrod Ewing, 20, was arrested Tuesday and charged with criminal attempt to commit burglary in the Crooked Creek subdivision where he lives, police said. He was taken to Fulton County Jail, where he bonded out Thursday on $20,000 bail.

Milton police said they received six reports of attempted burglary and burglary from April 7 to June 11.

Each incident involved a suspect trying to gain entry, or actually breaking into a home through back windows and doors between 10 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. -- eventually coming face to face with one of his victims, the woman who gave police a description.

All of the homes back up to the Atlanta Athletic Club golf course.

Ewing emerged as a person of interest because he was known to roam the area at night, police said.

Also, he had been arrested June 29 by Forsyth County Sheriff’s deputies on Francis Road at the Forsyth County line. Ewing was charged with being a pedestrian under the influence and underage consumption of alcohol, police said.

Physical evidence linked Ewing to at least one of the burglaries, police said. Also, they had the eyewitness’ description.

Channel 2 went to Ewing’s address on Thursday afternoon, but no one answered the door.

Smith Jerrod was played by actor Jason Lewis on "Sex and the City." For more information on the character, go to the show's website.

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