Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August means back to school.

August is upon us, which means (in addition to a seemingly endless string of sweltering days) it’s time for school to start back up.

I’ve really been enjoying spending the extra time with my kids this summer, but I think it’s probably a good thing for them to get back into the structure of classes. My oldest will be heading back to college, so I’ll certainly miss her (though the trips to Tuscaloosa are always a lot of fun).

To maximize the time we have left before those school bells ring Aug. 15, I’d suggest bringing the whole family out to the last of our summer concert series. Like the others, the one Aug. 5 takes place at Birmingham Park and features a great local artist.

This time it’s Mandy Gawley, a wife and mother of two from Milton who is fulfilling a lifelong dream by singing and performing. Her song “Biscuits and Chicken” has been in rotation on 94.9 The Bull’s Backyard Country, so she obviously knows what she’s doing.

Last time out we had about 250 people come and enjoy the summer evening. There’s plenty of space at the park, so don’t expect crowds, lines, or bad parking. Just come, roll out the blanket, get a delicious hot dog from the Pup Truck (I recommend the Bulldog – chili and cheese) and relax. There are always lots of kids in attendance (bring yours and make some new friends) and acres of room for them to play safely, which makes it just about the best deal going in North Fulton.

This month we’ve also got a Visually Impaired Issues Forum hosted by our all-volunteer Milton Disability Awareness Committee. It will take place Aug. 16 at 7 p.m. in City Council chambers and feature Empish Thomas, a speaker from the Atlanta Center for the Visually Impaired. If you or someone in your family is having sight issues, this is a tremendous opportunity to learn more and connect with others.

Before I go, make sure to mark your calendars, because fall is our boom time for programs. We’ve got the free movie under the stars Sept. 10, and the Antiques festival, my Mayor’s Run and the Roundup the first three weekends in October. I hope to see you there.

Mayor Joe Lockwood -


Anonymous said...

Sincerely Joe Lockwood

You got some big cajones over there on Bethany or what?

Anonymous said...

thanks jason for writing this letter for our illiterate imbecil of a mayor who will probably fail to show up for his run for a second straight year

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jason probably wrote this article, however, I would not thank him for the time of day.

Anonymous said...

Why? What did this person do to make you so angry?

Anonymous said...

he made the city buy that house on hopewell and birmingham so he could take pictures of it in his free time

Anonymous said...

Jason is fine, it is only the general attitude of "the majority" on this blog that seem to have issue.