Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Concerts in the Park Aug. 5.


The third and final installment of "Concerts in the Park: Boogie Down at Birmingham" presented by Doctors Express is here to help end your summer right Friday, Aug. 5. So why not spend one of the last weekends before school starts with friends, food and free music?

Milton's own Mandy Gawley, a wife and mother of two who is living her lifelong dream of singing, will bring the summer concert series to a close. She will perform cuts off her album "Life So Sweet," including "Biscuits and Chicken," as heard on 94.9 The Bull's Backyard Country.

For more information on Gawley, including links to her debut album, visit

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Anonymous said...

Where is this park, what's the address? Anyone?
Is there seating or do people bring their own, and what about bringing coolers with food and drink is that permitted or are there vendors there providing this?

Very little info!!

Anonymous said...

You can't get there from here. Must go to Cumming to start.

Let you know later about seating, food and drink.

Anonymous said...

Or you could click the link that says "For more information, click here." That more information includes the address, directions, information about food, information about seating. Literally everything you asked about.

Anonymous said...

@6:03AM,thought I saw you in Cumming on Friday, did you get to the concert on time?