Sunday, August 07, 2011

Milton councilman announces re-election bid.

By Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

District 6 Milton City Council Member Alan Tart formally announced his intention to seek re-election this week.

Tart, first elected in 2007, is a training officer for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and has served as president of his homeowners association for more than five years. He said he plans to continue to defend the city's land use plan, while developing parks and recreation opportunities and maintain fully staffed police and fire departments.


Anonymous said...

Tim, are you supporting this liberall, anti-military, weak minded man?

Anonymous said...

"maintain fully staffed police and fire"...............When did our police get fully staffed....I talked to one the other night who said there was 2 officers and a supervisor on all day 24/7 and other officers had to work on their off days to cover shifts....Tim, is this true???? Are we still this short on public safety??????

Anonymous said...

Milton sucks.....say no more

Anonymous said...

Always has and always will.

Anonymous said...

Milton falls VERY short when it comes to police offiers on duty per given shift. We spend money on frivilous pocket parks and a redo on a community center and now a run down old house, but when it comes to hiring and having a strong police force the City of Milton and it's City Council are anti-police and want more of a security guard force that they can manage and boss around. The people of this community should be demanding more officers. We have double the square miles of Alpharetta yet not even near their police numbers. Relying on another city to keep their own city safe and also pose as back up for Milton is not a good idea. It may have been when Milton had a population of under 15,000 but not anymore. This needs to change quickly. The rash of home invasions and crimes this past spring and the year before is prime example we need more police officers now. Nothing is more important than safety for our citizens, and it should be thee number one priority. Not the bottom of the list!