Thursday, August 25, 2011

Police: Family surrounds shirtless intruder.


MILTON, Ga. -- New residents of a Milton home were shaken up after a strange encounter with an intruder, Milton police said.

A couple with children moved into in their home on Nettlebrooke Lane a week before they were confronted by a strange man in their home earlier this month, according to a Milton police report. Sanford Baker, 51, is facing aggravated assault, criminal damage and burglary charges in the incident.

Homeowner Joseph Preuth told officers he was awakened by a loud commotion, and he discovered a shirtless man, armed with a metal shelf bracket, demanding his daughter. Police said Baker had driven his car into the front of the home and threw bricks into windows to break in.

According to the report, Baker said he had been told that his 13-year-old daughter was being held at the home and kept probing after Preuth told him she wasn’t. Preuth’s mother, wife and her brother surrounded Baker and called police, the report said.

Officers arrived and questioned Baker, who was apparently disoriented. The report said he was unable to accurately answer questions about the day of the week, the U.S. president and how he had arrived at the home. Baker was hospitalized for evaluation.

Officers spoke to Baker’s wife, Regina, who said he “lost it this morning,” according to the report. She said their daughter was safe at home and blamed pain medication from a recent surgery as a possible explanation for his behavior, the report said.


Anonymous said...

Pain medication makes a person drive to someone else's house and drive their car into it and throw bricks at it ? How bizzare is this story. How crazy and traumatic for the family in Nettlebrook. Where is the guy now? Is he still in the hospital under evaluation? if not has he been charged with anything?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Inspector Clueso for your take on this case.

Anonymous said...

Yes, too much pain medicine prescribed by a physician. Please do not be so quick to judge. The accused is a good man. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They are needed very much right now. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Who said he wasn't a good man or isnt a good man, however he committed a crime didn't he? Any empathy for the family this happened to? Why go to the rescue of the man who hurt the family in Nettlebrook? That seems odd. The family that was the victim of this crime I am sure are good people. What about them?
Tim do you know what has happened to the "good" man who" lost it " and committed a crime against this family? The report posted doesn't finish the story.

Anonymous said...

@5:44am, don't forget Inspector Clueso in on this case. Tim does not have time to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Why does this circus of a city turn every crime into a public affair. Is it because our police are clowns? Our managers are just trying to get noticed? Sounds like all the good folks at city hall do is call WSB and get their redneck faces on camera. Its time to realize this aint no one horse town. This is a suburban neighborhood and we need a government that understands our needs, not one full of childish first-timers who aint got a clue how to protect or provide! Sorry to the man who's family got attacked. I'm sure the man who got arrested has issues, but how many criminals are (innocent and framed).......Punish the guily and protect the innocent!

Anonymous said...

@ 4:38pm, your post is on point.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds to me as though our mayor crossed the yellow crime tapes again. Stop interfering with the law. That goes for our city manager, too!

Andie Marie said...

Well that is my uncle and yes he may not have been in his right mind cause of his meds but yall are just over reacting, just trying to live on ur 10 mins of fame. Hell im 25 and im acting more like an adult and seeing this as is and not as an attack. So get over it and stop attacking my family for something that was not intentional by any means. I am very sorry for the family that lives in the house that my uncle did hit. I hope everyone is ok. God Bless, have a wonderful life.