Sunday, August 14, 2011

News from JZB - Upcoming Zonings, Back to School & Fall Events.

Courtesy Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey.

August 14, 2011

Dear Milton Citizens, Friends and Neighbors -

I want to wish all of our students, teachers, administrators, volunteers, parents and community members a terrific start to the new school year. Whether it be elementary, middle, high school or college, it is important to pause and reflect on how fortunate we all are to be part of a community with so many amazing folks that come together every year to ensure our youth have an excellent education across multiple disciplines and reinforced values of kindness, honesty, hard work and care for others. The positive partnership that exists between parents, teachers, administrators and the broader community is just one more example of the uniqueness of our special community.

With so many schools back in session on Monday, please take extra care in driving our roadways. Be patient with one another as we all navigate our roads with more students, buses, carpoolers and pedestrians up and about earlier in the day. And if your commute takes a little longer, use the time to make a positive connection with someone via a wave or a simple smile. It is amazing how that one small act of kindness can make the difference in someone's day.

This release also references important information and updates regarding the following items:

Three rezoning items on the Monday, August 15th City Council agenda: Providence Road, Cox Road and Language re: "Outdoor Amenities" added to the Highway 9 Overlay.
Paving projects to begin - the next cycle of roadway pavings are underway. Please note below the specific listing of roadways.
City of Milton budget cycle underway - please review the schedule of meetings, review draft budgets as they evolve and provide input directly into the process. We have a special called session to begin discussion of this on, Monday, August 22 at 6 pm.
Upcoming Fall events - the Milton Round-up, Crabapple Antique Festival, Mayor's Run, River's Alive event & more.
Meeting schedules for Commissions, Boards and Committees - look to the right margin of this release.
The details of each of these items are found by scrolling down in this release or looking in the right margin.

Please know I remain committed to serving your needs and representing the interests of you and your family. I have been your community voice on Council since we became a city, and have been representing this unique area as a dedicated volunteer and steward for well over 17 years. This has been home for my family and I for almost 25 years. My passion and dedication to our collective community has never been greater. Your proactive involvement in our community remains critical if we are to ensure a balance between retaining the beauty and uniqueness of Milton while also ensuring appropriate design guidelines and growth patterns for all of Milton. Our community is not great by chance, but instead by choice. Please ensure your voice continues to help provide the roadmap for what choices we make as a Council and as a community.

Thank you for placing your confidence in me.

All my best -

Julie Zahner Bailey
Milton City Council
404-310-6344 cell

Three Rezoning Items on Council Agenda

Providence Rd., Cox Rd. & Text Amendment

Monday, August 15th at 6 pm

1) RZ11-14/VC11-03 - C-1 to C-1 / AG-1 encompassing 1.05 acres with three concurrent variances. 14375 Providence Road between Birmingham Hwy & Freemanville.

The Providence Road rezoning requests is to rezone from .26 acres of C-1 to 1.05 acres of C-1 / AG-1 with a three part concurrent variance to reduce buffers and Improvement setbacks. While the parcel has a partial C-1 zoning of .26 acres that dates back to 1962, this rezoning request is to expand the area allowable for C-1. Currently it is being used for storage for a sign company with very limited parking. The rezoning request if approved would allow this parcel to be utilized for expanded commercial uses and would allow for more intense use of the property, i.e. more than the current storage, including expanded parking. Staff's analysis includes some proposed prohibited commercial uses, but the list is not all inclusive. Your input and opinions on this and all rezonings is important. Please use this link for the complete analysis from staff. As is the case with all rezonings, public comment - whether in support or in opposition - is allowed during the public comment period.

2) ZM11-02 - 170 Cox Road at the corner of Arnold Mill.

The Cox Road/Arnold Mill rezoning request is to modify the conditions of the existing use permit, U86-64. The conditions requested would allow for two recreational soccer fields and six mini soccer fields along with the existing clubhouse, storage and restroom facilities. The additional condition request would allow for a free-standing project identification sign either facing Cox Road or Arnold Mill with no more than a 32 square foot sign face not to exceed 6 ft. in height. Please use this link for the complete analysis from staff.

3) RZ11-15 To amend Chapter 64, Article VII, Division 5 as it relates to Outdoor Amenity Areas in the State Route 9 Overlay District

This language is intended to require a certain percentage (up to 10% of gross land area of a development of certain sizes in the Highway 9 area) of an outdoor amenity areas accessible to the public. The intent is to enhance the Highway 9 commercial areas consistent with the requests of citizens and the Highway 9 Design Guideline committee. Please use this link for the proposed language.

City of Milton Roadway Paving Projects

The City of Milton will begin the second round of road patching and repair projects Tuesday, Aug. 16. The work is expected to last 45 days, depending on weather, and crews will be working from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. The roads affected will be open to traffic but reduced to one lane. There will be message boards on the affected roads prior to work starting.

Following is a list of the roads to be patched or repaired:

Webb Road from Morris Road to Cogburn Road
New Bullpen Road from Birmingham Highway (Ga. 372) to city limit
Thompson Road from Redd Road to Tabbystone Pass
Freemanville Road from Providence Road to the bridge over Chicken Creek
Nix Road and a portion of Brittle Road will also receive repair work as needed
The cost of these projects is $1.49 million and the work
was awarded to the lowest bidder, Marietta-based Blount Construction Company, Inc.


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