Monday, May 03, 2010

Yelling at bushes leads to arrest in Milton.

Courtesy Appen Newspapers.

MILTON - Officers responded to North Park Lane in Milton because a man was yelling and cursing in the parking lot of the residences. When they arrived, they found Kirt Cahill, 25, of North Park Lane, in obvious distress. He claimed he had just found his girlfriend cheating on him behind some bushes at some neighboring tennis courts. Unfortunately, when asked, Cahill could not give the name of his girlfriend, nor could the officers locate anyone in the bushes of the tennis courts. What they did find were two tennis players who said Cahill "was screaming at the trees like he was on drugs."

Cahill maintained he was not "out of his mind" and there were people there. He was arrested for public intoxication. While the officers were searching his vehicle, they found some interesting items. Besides some marijuana seeds and a pipe, they also located some Westin Hotel key cards and backpacks containing, among other things: Visa cards, check cards, more hotel key cards, Lithium pills, 14 cell phones, 11 USBs, bank documents belonging to someone else and mail belonging to someone else.

Several of the credit cards had been reported stolen.

Cahill was arrested for credit card theft, possession of marijuana, public intoxication, possession of a drug-related object and having prescription drugs outside of their original container.

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