Monday, May 03, 2010

Vote on Proposed Sewer Map - Tonight, May 3.

Dear Milton residents, citizens and neighbors -

I have received inquiries regarding tonight's Council meeting and the specific item tied to the sewer map. The specific agenda item is posted as follows:

Discussion and Vote on Justice Norman Fletcher's Proposed Sewer Map with Fulton County, Georgia, pursuant to the Service Delivery Strategy Act Court Ordered Mediation. (Agenda Item No. 10-1129)

To address the various inquiries I have received, I offer the following summary:

As many of you may recall, in September of 2008, a majority of council members - by a vote of 4-3 approved a new sewer map that allowed for sewer extension in some areas. While some of those who voted for this sewer extension claim it was not sewer extension, the City Attorney and the Community Development Director clearly stated for the record that the new sewer map did indeed include sewer extension. As reflected in the September 2008 meeting minutes, I did not support sewer extension at that time. Specifically the map approved in September of 2008 included parcels previously not allowed for sewer given the parcels were in the Etowah River Basin and were clearly excluded for sewer. Nonetheless, the "new map" was approved.

At that point, the "new map" was provided to Fulton County as they have to agree to the sewer map for purposes of finalizing an Intergovernmental agreement (IGA). The new map approved by the City of Milton in September of 2008 was sent to Fulton County, but they have not agreed to our new sewer map. Commissioner Lynn Riley, in particular, took issue with the new map stating she wanted additional parcels to be sewered. As a result, the "new map" went into a mediation process. The bottom line, at this point, is the mediation process reaffirmed that there was an impasse between the map now approved by the City of Milton (from September 2008) and Fulton County's desires for additional sewer extension on some parcels. The Judge (Justice Norman Fletcher as noted in the agenda item) has suggested a "mediated" approach that would allow for some modification to the sewer map approved by the City of Milton in September of 2008. The agenda item this evening is for Council to discuss and vote on whether we support or do not support the suggested mediated position.

Please note, this agenda item has only been published in the last week and it has been brought to my attention that the City website does not include the actual letter or mediated position from Justice Fletcher. As a result, the public has not been able to access the potential mediated position. I have made an inquiry with our City Manager and City Attorney as to whether this item needs to be postponed until the public has a chance to review the proposed modifications. As of right now, however, the item remains on the agenda for tonight's meeting and as far as I now currently, will proceed.

For other upcoming meetings, please look to the right margin of this release for details.

As always, I consider it an honor and a privilege to represent your interests and take my role on your behalf as a serious responsibility. Please let me know if you have any specific questions or comments.

Take care,

Julie Zahner Bailey
Milton City Council
770-664-5529 (home)
404-310-6344 (cell)


Anonymous said...

Julie has absolutely no purpose on council anymore. She needs to move on.

Anonymous said...

If i were on council, I would suggest that Bill Lusk make a motion to remove Julie from council and become the leader of MGG, (which she is behind the scenes anyway), then have Karen second it, then have Joe Longoria call the question so Julie couldn't ramble trash for hours, then we could put this whole thing to bed.

Next Burt could make a motion to dissolve MGG, then the mayor could second that, then Alan could cry out "point of order, point of order" and start whining with that sour face about not supporting the motion.

Then they could vote 4-3 to getrid of Julie so she could run for a county commision seat.

Oh well, nice dream?

Anonymous said...

Imagine Julie thinking that Milton is interested in the environment! How silly!