Tuesday, May 04, 2010

GA GOP Sixth Straw Poll Results.


Belle Isle handily wins poll on State Senate race.

Wins more votes than opponents combined; also picks up endorsement of conservative group.

(ALPHARETTA) - David Belle Isle's campaign to bring a Conservative Majority to the State Senate picked up big momentum in the last week. First, Belle Isle picked up the endorsement of the group Milton County Conservatives, and then on Saturday he handily won the 6th Congressional District Poll for State Senate.

In Saturday morning's debate, Belle Isle articulated his core conservative message and explained the differences between the candidates as a choice of paths for the Republican Party, rather than a person. Those in attendance overwhelmingly responded: In the Senate poll, Belle Isle won 182 votes, compared to 76 for John Albers and 51 for Brandon Beach - giving Belle Isle 59% of the vote in the three-way poll.

"In a local race like this senate campaign, the willingness of grassroots supporters to turn out and work for you has a huge impact - and my supporters came out in big numbers today," said Belle Isle. "Having so many people willing to give up a weekend day for you shows we have real grassroots workers who will turn out real votes for us in July."

Belle Isle also picked up the endorsement of the Milton County Conservatives, a group started since the 2008 presidential election as part of the conservative movement against expansionist government under President Obama. The group's statement in support of Belle Isle read as follows:

"Mr. Belle Isle is supported due to his conservative voting record. As Alpharetta City Councilman, Mr. Belle Isle was one of the only members of council to vote NO twice for the City of Alpharetta to receive federal stimulus dollars incorrectly described as a grant, citing the difference of required debt repayment by future generations. He proposed zero-based budgeting for the city, combined with a provision that departments project operating at 85% of revenue for advance evaluation of costs to taxpayers. He fought successfully for tax cuts for homeowners. With the core values of "limited government and local control" he has led the charge toward re-creation of Milton County with his group Milton County Rising... David Belle Isle is the true conservative in the race for State Senate D-56."

Vote David Belle Isle, conservative for State Senate.

NOTE: encourages all candidates running for office both locally and state wide to share information with us on their campaigns. This type of information does not mean that is endorsing one candidate as opposed to another. Here, all are treated equally and with respect.


Anonymous said...

let me see, bring all your friends to vote for you at a debate and create a fake group to endorse you. definitely not voting for this guy.

Anonymous said...

David Belle Isle has a very conservative voting record as an Alpharetta City Council member.

The fact that a strong conservative group of individuals, Milton County Conservatives, vetted and chose to endorse him makes sense.

We will probably see more conservative groups do the same.

David 182 votes, Albers 76, Beach 51... he may have gotten 182 friends to attend, but I am willing to bet it was his conservative message that won the votes.

Anonymous said...

I take umbrage at the statement that Milton County Conservatives are referred to as a "fake group"! In fact this was started by a group like minded people who are working hard to bring back Milton County. I have lived in North Fulton for 30 years and we have talked about this dream being realizes almost that long. Now it seems like "our dream "can happen. We the people some of whom are Tea party Patriots,some 912 project members,but most of all conservatives make up this group. We now are on Facebook. We are branching out. We are vetting candidates who we believe are true conservatives. And we believe in David Belle Isle.

Anonymous said...

i've live here more than 25 years and i'd never heard of them prior to belle isle running for this office, and i'm involved, so explain that mr. umbrage

Milton said...

I am a founding member of Milton County Conservatives, a group that was created for the purposes of candidate endorsement. Because it is not the policy of many tea party groups to endorse candidates, as well as individuals not attached to these groups who favor fiscally conservative candidates, I created a page for those of us who would like to do so as a group. The kind of endorsements that matter most come from labor unions, grassroots voter groups, and other organizations that can put volunteers in the field or help finance slate cards that arrive in most homes at election time. The group currently endorses Belle Isle for GA Sen. D-56, MacGinnitie for SOS, and Purcell for Ins. Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a member of any group but have heard all the candidates speak ad here is a thought--maybe, just maybe, a significant majority really liked and agreed with what David Bel Isle (sp?) said?!

It seems like he articulated best a conservative message that appeals to many people. If it doesn't appeal to you, fine. But the other candidates seem more about having $$ than having the best message (at least the other night).

Anonymous said...

Guess what, I'm not a Conservative, the way you've projected yourselves on this blog, and just so you know there are many others that are not Tea Party people residing in Milton. We don't really care what party you're in, just the facts please, and then we'll make the most informed decision without ties.

Anonymous said...

From what I can tell, it looks like "Milton County Conservatives" is just a Facebook group that was created for the purpose of endorsing Bel Isle, MacGinnitie and Purcell. There are no names noted for Group Officers, pictures of the group having meetings, no history of events, no phone number or address, no request for members & dues (can anyone remember a political organization that didn't collect dues) and there are only two messages posted on the Facebook Wall from individuals. The rest of the Wall messages are from the organization and from Bel Isle's campaign facebook page. In fact, the Facebook page says the "organization" was formed on April 9th with the sole purpose of endorsing the three candidates mentioned.

Fellow Milton citizens, this is a cyber set up with the sole purpose of creating the look of being a viable organization that then endorses the very candidate that created it.

This is bad form and aggressive political manipulation. Bel Isle and the other candidates should quit advertising this bogus endorsement until it is proven that this is a viable group.

The real name should be "Milton Plumbers".

Anonymous said...


milton said...

Really? Anonymous thinks one of our 3 candidates created this page for promotion of one of 3 campaigns?'s just like I described. A few members of patriotic groups and other conservative individuals agreed to publicly support certain candidates when our groups did not/would not take a position. Others joined later of their own free will. My own group does not collect dues and does not have officers, but we do have a lot of fun reading up on and phone banking on issues and learning about candidates.

If it is "bad form", "bogus", or "sleazy" to engage in civic awareness, then guilty as charged! As Glenn Beck says, we will be called names. Call me "not silent anymore".

george said...

Straw poll and a straw man argument. Founder, give your name

Anonymous said...


1. A "few" members does not constitute an organization worthy of an endorsement that can be marketed by a candidate.
2. If this is truly an organization, then you should identify yourself, your leaders and let us know how many members make up this "organization". Surely you can understand that if your "organization" only has three members that your endorsement doesn't have any real cache.
3. I looked up the North Georgia 912 website and they definitely have meetings, an agenda and position and actually ask for donations. This is a real organization as is the Tea Party movement and I appreciate both of their efforts and ideals.
4. You have yet to prove that "Milton County Conservatives" is anything more than a made up name having the sole purpose of creating a fake but important sounding endorsement. This tactic is more out of the ACORN book of political dirty tricks and it's an embarrassment to true believers of our constitution.
5. David is a good man with a big heart, but has let his ambition get ahead of his common sense. Since he is advertising this bogus endorsement, he needs to personally respond to the fair questions that have been brought up about this group.

9:29 poster
Lifelong Conservative & Republican

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster above. David needs to come clean.

Anonymous said...

The fact that there has been no response from David regarding this organization or anyone coming clean on it, just shows that this was bogus to begin with.

David should be ashamed of himself.