Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Word has come to us that Tina D'Aversa filed a law suit against the city. While we do not have all the specifics, we believe it is related to the ethics case.

As soon as we have more, we will post it here.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Talk about a sore loser. Can we all (including Tina) move on. This is over and done with.

Does she think she will win over supports by dragging this out. The longer is goes on, the more we will not forget it.

What a waste.

Anonymous said...

That would be a real shame. Tina is a great community volunteer and servant and while she was not best suited for public office, a lawsuit from her would just sully her name and reputation for ever.

Anonymous said...

cant sully it too much more unless she is suing because they coludnt supply her with correct street names

Anonymous said...

If you only knew the whole truth. Go ahead and bash her all you want but I'm pretty certain there is a very good valid reason for her complaint. You just haven't heard it because you're still going negative. Maybe in this case two negatives will equal a positive. Btw, I am not in Tina's circle or anyone's for that matter.

Anonymous said...

A lawsuit from Tina would not be positive for our City. It's time to move forward and forget all of the disagreements and issues of the past. We do not need anything like this and we do not need another event to make us all look dysfunctional.


Anonymous said...

She lost; she was found guilty. Move on.

Anonymous said...

The lawsuit would not be a reflection on the city, only an issue between Tina, Neal O'Brien and the bufoon that botched the city's ethics trial.