Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Day Away: Fort Mountain State Park.

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By Tim Enloe;

Stresses have been high since the ecomomy reared it's ugly head. Families are on edge not sure which way to turn. In times such as this, the best thing to do is take a couple of days away to relax.

"A Day Away..." will help to showcase affordable places to visit that are not too far from Milton. It could be a park, a city, or something in between. As we visit them, we will share our memories here with you.

If you have a video or story you would like to share regarding some great places to get away to, feel free to share them with us at

This month's destination is Fort Mountain State Park located about an hour and half northwest of Milton in Chatsworth, GA.

This four thousand acre park offers numerous activites from fishing to hiking and everything in between. Highly recommended! We hope our showcasing Fort Mountain will encourage you and yours to go for a visit. After all, don't you need "A Day Away"?


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Anonymous said...

Could you hear the MHS band up there?

louis vuitton said...

I bet ol Kurt is tapping in on these babes?