Monday, May 03, 2010

"Riddle Me Milton" Mon..ur, uh Tuesday!"


"Riddle Me Milton" is sponsored by Milton's very Own Bobby G's Chicago Eatery!

Every Monday, we will be sharing a riddle that will focus on stories that we have posted right here in the news blogg.

If you are the first to figure out the riddle, you will recieve one of Bobby G's very own authentic CHICAGO HOTDOGS FREE!

If no one gets that week's riddle right, we will upload another one the following Monday.

Congrats to Mrs. Patti Silva as she guessed correctly when she answered:

The Milton Police Department!


You fear me for what I could bring,
But you love to go to that restaurant for the hot wings.

Affordable housing has been a common cry,
Install me and then no one can be denied.

“Rural Character” is just a phrase anyway,
Lay me down and that new shopping center will open any day.

Time to move forward and toss that tank out back,
Extend me now and watch the horses leave along with the tack.


Answers must be sent to / subject line "Riddle Me Milton" with your answer within the body of the email.

Winner limited to one prize per month! So, if you've already won for this month, you don't qualify for another chance at winning until the following month.

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