Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Politics as usual and Politicians are losing.

Voters all over our great nation are tired of the same old politics. I am too! Special elections held Tuesday, May 18th confirm ongoing frustration so many of us are discussing around the kitchen table.

During the past 12 months, we have seen a complete rejection of politicians for fresh faces, failed policies for proven leadership, and a bureaucratic mindset for a business approach to government.

Politics “as usual”, including negative politicians with their mudslinging, conflicts of interest and focus on what is best for themselves, does not serve the people. Elections over the past year confirm that history is already turning the page on the establishment of old school politicians like Arlen Specter.

Simply put, I am not a politician. I am a businessman, a firefighter, and a community leader who has a single agenda, “Serve the families of North Fulton.” I am a proud conservative supporting the Tea Party movement. I’m a member of GeorgiaCarry, the NRA and the Heritage Foundation. I believe in our founding principles and agree that now is the time to get back to basics. I have the time, passion and energy to serve you.

Join us to make a real difference in our state and in our lives. This election will decide who represents North Fulton and the decisions made will make a real difference for the lives of us all. Your choice will impact the economy, job creation, making education a priority, really fixing transportation and making Milton County a reality.

Tired of politics as usual? So am I and with your help we will make it right.

Vote John Albers for State Senate!

NOTE: encourages all candidates running for office both locally and state wide to share information with us on their campaigns. This type of information does not mean that is endorsing one candidate as opposed to another. Here, all are treated equally and with respect.


Milton Cougar said...

John can come put my fire out anytime!

Anonymous said...

Are you desperate or what?

Likes em big said...

I want Brandon to come over to my house and put a fire out. I can just picture him in a tight firfighter's outfit!

Pumper Truck said...

I'll vote for the one with teh most hose.