Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wreck At Freemanville & Redd Roads

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MILTON - In recent years, Milton has been known for it's larger lots and anti-sewer stance. If wrecks in the open road neighborhoods continue on a weekly basis, they might want to add "wrecks" to that list.

At roughly ten before 6pm on Thursday, May 20, a wreck involving two vehicles took place at the intersection of Freemanville & Redd Roads.

It is not believed any fatalities took place but those involved were offered transport to North Fulton Regional Hospital.

Many thanks to the two Milton Officers who rushed to the scene to help those in need.

NOTE: While these two officers worked this scene, only one officer was left to protect the rest of the city.


Anonymous said...

What happens if we have mayhem, does Alpharetta kick in as backup? How many officers does Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Roswell and Johns Creek have, per their square miles each. What is each cities population, and what is their police budget for each city as well. Can you find out Tim? This would be interesting to see the comparisons.

Anonymous said...

I believe the goal of police departments is 1 officer per 500 citizens, not based on area. Still, that leaves Milton woefully short.

Tim Enloe said...

While I am unaware of coverages in the other citys, I do know that Alpharetta has 14 officers per twelve hour shift. Also of note, Milton is twice the size of Alpharetta land wise.

To say our coverage is lacking is a given.

Tim Enloe
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