Thursday, May 06, 2010

Give Mom A Free Pretzel This Mother's Day!

Wondering what to give Mom this upcoming Mother's Day? Well, look no further than Milton's own Philly Pretzel Factory!

All day Mother's Day, Philly Pretzel Factory is giving away a FREE pretzel to any Mom that comes through their doors!

So grab Mom and stop on in for the best tasting pretzel in all of Milton!

To find out more about Milton's own Philly Pretzel Factory, click here=>

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Anonymous said...

This Milton family owned business ALWAYS donates pretzels, hundreds at a time, to help with the success of almost every community event or fundraiser. Tonight I was pleasantly surprised again to see they helped Birmingham Falls raise money for performing arts; they gave the school free pretzels that were then sold at the concession stand. These are reall good people!!

-Patti Silva