Monday, May 10, 2010

Studio One To One Special Announcement!

Your kids deserve only the best… and that includes developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Introducing the Fit Kids Summer Program from Studio One to One!

•Teamwork•Etiquette•Fair Play
•“Rules of Sportsmanship”
•Fitness Flight—We’ll expose your child to a variety of different fitness programming… traditional methods and sports as well as yoga,tai chi, and more
•Healthy Nutrition: The last 30 minutes of each class with be focused on discussing healthy eating choices and habits
•A non-competitive atmosphere
•Proper movement patterns and exercise techniques
•Ages 6-12 welcomed

It's no secret.... with the increase of convenience foods and decrease in daily physical activity, childhood obesity is on the rise. This puts our kids at the highest risk than ever for a long list of preventable diseases! But you can do something now to change that.You can choose to plant the seed now by establishing healthy habits that will last an entire lifetime.

The Fit Kids Summer Program is designed to introduce your child to healthy habits in a fun and supportive environment. Each class will last 90 minutes. The first hour will include physical activity designed to expose your kids to a variety of fitness programming, build teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship skills, all while having TONS of fun! We'll even venture into some of the more non-traditional exercise such as yoga and tai chi. Your kids will finish this program with an awareness of fitness and well-being that you may have only dreamed about. Your kids will bring a brown bag lunch, and we'll spend the last half hour talking about food choices, the importance of food as fuel, creative ways to gain cooking experience,self-confidence, and so much more! I have something unique and fun planned for every single session.

Classes start Monday, May 24th and will be held each Monday and Wednesday at 11 a.m. through July 30th. You can pick any 15 of the 18 available classes to accommodate summer travel. The classes are open to kids ages 6-12.

We've designed the class to be budget-friendly, but if you're an active client of Studio One to One, it gets better. We're giving youa $30 discount in addition to our super low roll-out price. I don't think you could land a babysitter for this class fee, and think about how much you child will be getting in return! A foundation of healthy habits.... now that's priceless.

If you're interested, please call (678) 367-3619 to learn more or fill out the form by clicking the link below. Give us your contact info,child's name and age, and we'll be in touch shortly with details on how to complete your registration.

Elaina SmithStudio One to One

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Anonymous said...

I am going to sign Karen "shrill moonbat" Thurman up for this program.

Anonymous said...

I want to watch her learn how to play right.

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