Monday, December 20, 2010

Per Your Request: Santa / Lighting Costs.


Earlier this month, received email and comment requests inquiring about the costs to hire both Santa as well as a company to light the Christmas Tree for the December 4th holiday event.

Thanks to Milton City Manager Chris Lagerbloom, we have recieved the following information:

"Santa Bill Brown Of Sugar Hill Georgia"
770 912 3051

3hrs Christmas In Crabapple: $300
2hrs Milton Tree Lighting: $200

Balance Due: $500


Christmas Decor / Accolade Pool & Spa

Tree Lighting: $1800

Balance Due: $1800


Totals of both:$2300.

Should you or someone you know have some questions, please email them to us at and we will be happy to reach out to the powers that be.


Anonymous said...

Get rid of the lights on the crookedest tree St. Nick ever saw. Take the $1800 and have Enloe light the tree.

Anonymous said...

Why does the city insist on spending money needlessly. Volunteers would have been pleased to install the tree lights.
A Christmas bonus could then be given to our police and fireman.

The tree is absolutely beautiful. A generous gift to the city from
an outstanding Milton family.

Anonymous said...

called the city and any funds for special events come from hotel motel tax not taxpayer dime so next time call before you jump to any conclusion but yes i do agree that the cost to put the lights on the tree is excessive considering how easy it must be but the tree just looks like a large version of charlie browns tree and was given more as a publicity stunt more than anything else i dont know the lady but it was pretty obvious considering last years timing

Tim Enloe said...

The tree will grow in time. It was a very nice donation by the members of

I encourage you to donate something to help Milton be the best it can be as well.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

i think you mean member and she already embarrased the city enough with her performance in the diaversa ethics hearing

Anonymous said...

Why does the city insist on spending money needlessly. Volunteers would have been pleased to install the tree lights.

Unfortunate sign of the times.

Step 1. People volunteer to hang lights

Step 2. Person falls from ladder

Step 3. City sued

Anonymous said...

You guys idiots. Protect Milton and Cauley need favors from council in what way?Whatever. It was a generous gesture from the non profit that many people in this community have donated to. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Who did you talk to at the city? Youself?

Anonymous said...

The "members" of Protect Milton? Who are they? You mean all those who donated checks to cover the Cauley's legal bills to fight the then proposed high school? The one with the environmental concerns? Those people. I guess those "members" paid for a tree but were never asked, in a not for profit enterprise. Perhaps you could write City Hall and get the public records of conversations, verbal and written, about the "timing" of the tree donation? If it was not planted on a specific date, the tree wouldn't be donated (after the City had publicized the tree lighting), It was Tina DiAversa's good friend who demanded a specific date, Ms. Cauley, chair of Protect Milton, in an attempt to buy a win in a city wide election. Ain't that the truth.

Anonymous said...

OMG, name the hotels in Milton for me will ya???

Anonymous said...

how much did com pay santa bill last year?

Anonymous said...

Don't matter. No accident insurance on free Santa. No assurance on Santa with big mouth who lies to general public either.

Anonymous said...

It does matter how much the city pays for Christmas functions and other events throughout the year.
I am not aware of hotels or motels in our city as a previous post has stated.
The truth is that very few citizens donate anything to our community other than critism.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so difficult for a crew to go around and repair the potholes in Milton????

They are so bad and there are so many that when I give directions to my house I tell my guests to watch for them.

A few days ago I witnessed a chunk of asphalt fly out of a pothole and miss a van.
People are swerving and driving into oncoming traffic just to try to avoid them.
I know your post was about a santa and i am sorry to have jumped off topic but can you please do a story on why this tax burdened area can not afford to or just refuses to repair its streets?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

hotel on deerfield between city hall and insection of deerfield and windward tax might only be 1 percent but apparently raises enough to use on special events all i had to do was call cindy bonachi and ask

Anonymous said...

It must be horrible to be that eat up with envy and hate. Two of the seven deadly sins. Let's all join together here in Milton and pray for this poor soul, Blogger 5:11, they are confused and miserable, such a lowly and sad place to be two days before Christmas.

Let's also pray that the City fixes the potholes. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Do ya'll know writing false statements about someone who is not an elected or public figure is libel? No one is ever really anonymous in today's world. Any lawyer will tell you that.

Everyone's keystrokes can be traced. Ask the Wikileaks guy, he's out on bond right now.