Tuesday, December 21, 2010

AG1 Property Questioned Regarding Landscaper Uses.

By Tim Enloe;

City Manager Chris Lagerbloom placed a delimma before Milton City Council's feet at this past week's December 20th work session. That discussion involving whether to let landscaping companies establish themselves on agriculturally zoned / AG1 land.

As the debate rolled from the work session to the actual council meeting and after hearing from both residents and staff, council agreed to delay any adjustments until March of 2011.

Community Director Lynn Tully disclosed that such businesses first are required to meet the proper lot dimensions before anything further can be discussed. Questions from council covered everything from the time of business to storage and parking.

Residents such as Kim Horne spoke loud and clear; "Alpharetta and Roswell only allow C2 and L1 land for landscaping businesses, so why would Milton allow them?"

There were some suggestions by council members to insure older such businesses would be protected via a grandfather clause.

New Phone Fee Arrives For Some Residents.

A fee normally used to fund 911 operations has been approved by the Milton City Council. Milton Fire Marshal Matt Marietta relayed that 911 $1.50 charge will be added to the monthly phone bill to Voice Over Internet Prototocal services.

New Historic Appointment Takes Place.

Council member Tart appointed Veronica Buckman to the Historic Preservation Commission. Tart's decision was based on Mrs. Buckman's love for keeping small town history alive for future generations.

Thompson Road Has Water Runoff Issues.

Council approved a bill of $8,870.00 to address an erosion problem on Thompson Road. There was some concern that if not addressed in a timely fashion, the problems could increase and make the open road neighborhood impassable.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight: We already have a hard time collecting money to fund our city, so we are going to put a local business out of business that already is in place?

Yea, that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

When a small landscaping business turns into a full fledged commercial business with dumpsters, and trucks and piles and mounds of material stacked up all over the place, time to move to C-1. If this happened to you, next to your home, you wouldn't like it either. At some point there needs to be a determining factor where the business has become something it was not in the first place, and the people who live next door, on a residential road, have rights too. There needs to be a cut off or limit or restrictions put in place to protect other property owners who are unfortunate to happen to live next door or near one of these businesses. That does make sense.