Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Milton Police Looking Out For It's Citizens.

By Tim Enloe;

Accidents & Road Closures Launch First Winter Weather of 2010.

Milton Captain Shawn McCarty and his officers had their hands full
addressing icy Milton roads during the December 16th drive home.

While numerous vehicles were abandoned to the road shoulders, a total of nine accidents and six road closures did occur. Some residents even made the tough decision to use leg power to get home.

Officers from the early shift were held over to help. Many thanks to the Milton Police and Fire Departments.

Sticky Fingers?

Milton Officer Kenan Gray answered a call involving missing jewelry among other things on December 7th by a Milton Resident. Unsure as to who the thief might be, the case is still open as of December 14th.

"I'm John Smith...I mean Fred Smith...I mean Fred Jones..."

Identity theft appears alive and well in Milton as police investigate a claim that three credit cards were stolen from a female resident with multiple charges on them.

Officer Stephen reported that the Lathenview court resident stated that she opened a Target debit card on December 7th. Not only did she receive the Target card a few weeks later, but a Toys R Us Card as well that she never applied for.
When all was said and done, a Best Buy card had been activated under her name as well.

A fraud alter was placed on her credit in addition to a credit report request to insure other cards had not been activated.

Officer Stephen was not done with dealing with theives yet, however.

It would turn out that a Dockbridge Way Milton resident recieved a call by Chevron claiming a $500 bill was past due. Thanks to his credit card companies, they had alerted him earlier about failed attempts to open accounts under his name. Once again, a fraud alert was put in place in addition to the purchase of monitoring service.

Next in line, Officer Kelly Collins helped a woman whose debit card was making the rounds at gas stations and coffee shops.

The last time the resident had the card in her possession was on Dec 7th. Thanks to her bank, she was notified of the unauthorized charges and contact the Milton Police Department.

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