Thursday, December 02, 2010

Training heats up for Milton councilman.

By Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Milton Councilman Burt Hewitt now knows first-hand what it's like to rush into a burning building.

"It's hot -- really hot -- and very dark," he said.

Hewitt joined Milton Fire Chief Robert Edgar and training officer Jason Baswell as they first explored, then attacked burning portions of a donated house with a fire hose Thursday after a day of training with local firefighters.

Both Milton and Alpharetta fire companies trained in the home on Thompson Road, which was used for three days before being burned to the ground late Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Bet ol' "OB" wouldn't have been able to keep up with these fine firefighters.

Anonymous said...

Doubt is "OB" can even get up, much less "keep up".
By the way, have heard that he was never a veteran.

Anonymous said...

He did work for Delta though, sourse have confirmed this, but was not a pilot.

Anonymous said...

What was he? In baggage?

Anonymous said...

No, apparently in ticketing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so O'Brien is not a veteran? He worked in ticketing? Remember this joker claimed to be a veteran during election, even showing some pic. Also, he was seen stealing the other candidates' campaign signs. He should be run out of town on a rail. That is if we can fine a few chosen capable of lifting that rail.