Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cities sign off on Highway 9 grant application.

By Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Alpharetta and Milton city councils passed resolutions Monday to apply for a $120,000 grant to study future development along the Highway 9 corridor.

The Livable Centers Initiative grant, administered through the Atlanta Regional Commission, would be for a four-mile stretch running from Bethany Bend Road in Milton to Mayfield Road in Alpharetta. Under the agreement, the City of Milton would provide $30,000 in matching funds if the grant is awarded.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!Tax money at work 120,000 of our money for a STUDY to explore FUTURE development. Maybe it should be used for actual work to help the are,not just to study it

Anonymous said...

Measure twice cut once, ya know what I mean?