Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Search for Bud Continues...


Please see the following regarding lost dog Bud. Many thanks to Patti Silva of Miltonville for bring this to us.

We now think the dog at Hopewell/Francis was probably not Bud. We have spoken to Angie Cheshire again and she says that her neighbors dog, Bear, is missing from Stratford Farms sub division today; it sounds as if it looks very similar to Bud, but female and perhaps a bit lighter in color.

Angie's husband saw a lady in a black jeep talking to and perhaps trying to catch the dog at 4.30 ish at the crossroads about ten minutes after we got a call who had seen a dog there. We drove all around the area for nearly two hours, stopping and calling. If Bud had been in hearing distance I am sure he would have popped up.

Anyway could you please put another update on Miltonville when you have a chance. We have also been back to the Fulton County shelter in midtown today and he has not shown up there.

Can't begin to tell you how much your help is appreciated,

VB regards,

Shaun & Wendy

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