Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Missing Milton Dog! Please Help!

Many thanks to Patti Silva and Miltonville for the following email alert.

Hello Friends and Neighbors,
I would have sent out this notice sooner but I've been away and just returned this evening to find this plea for help...

My neighbor's dog has been missing since July 4th! His parents were on their way home to make sure he was locked in the house but fireworks went off early in the day and Bud freaked, as would any dog, and escaped the noise. He has been seen, saved, and then he escaped again to try and find his way home.

30004usa has been enormously successful in getting out the word and finding lost dogs over the last four years. Even though it's been several days, I'm confident we will find Bud in Milton!
Please help by forwarding this email to your list of contacts. Any information is very much appreciated.

Millions of Thanks!
Patti Silva

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Miltonville said...

Thank you Access Milton for posting this email alert on your website.

For more information about Bud (and other lost/found animals), please go to:

I know we will find him with the everyone's help.
"Community" is spelled M-I-L-T-O-N.

THANKS again!!