Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Milton Council Leaves Developer Hanging On Sewer Connnection


The Milton City Council has told a developer that he can draw all the plans he wants but offered no promises he would be allowed to hook up to a sewer line that runs through his property.
Kami Hakimi, who owns the eight-acre parcel on Ga. 9, was clearly frustrated at the turn of events Monday.

Earlier this year, he wanted to rearrange the layout of his 60,000-square-foot retail center and was told he had to run it by the City Council. But the city has shown its reluctance to allow hookups to sewer, believing it will lead to dense development. So the City Council approved his new site plan but warned that he might not be able to connect to sewer after the project is built.
Mayor Joe Lockwood said the city didn't want to offer Hakimi that assurance until it has a sewer policy hammered out. The city is feeling pressure to come up with some sort of sewer policy as more projects approved by Fulton County are about to be completed and need city permission to connect.

On Thursday, the City Council decided to allow a 750,000-square-foot retail shopping center with a SuperTarget and Kohl's to use county sewer system so it can open later this month.
Hakimi said he's not sure he can afford to spend the extra money on redesigning the project without any assurance he'll be able to connect to sewer.

"I don't know why they would allow the one project, but they're hanging this on us for no reason," said Eric Johansen, who is working with Hakimi to develop the project.


Anonymous said...

Betcha some or all council members wear clothing from Target and/or Kohls.

Anonymous said...

If they aint fighting the school in the middle of our waterways then I vote for sewer. I'd rather have sewer than grossed out creeks.