Monday, July 14, 2008

Bear the Dog Has Been Found!


Milton Neighbors:

Yeah, it worked yet again!!! Sweet Bear (See below post from earlier this week) was rescued by someone in a black jeep at Hopewell/Francis. Awesome news. By putting up signs and sending emails to one another, he's on his way home.

Please, please, please still look for Bud (golden lab mix) and Willie (black lab with bad eye). It used to be that Milton folks looked for lost cows that wandered off and sometimes into strange places from what I've heard. Now its mostly dogs.

Helping a neighbor to find their lost pet is the cooler part of a small community if we're thinking of keeping our rural small town atmosphere. Every year many loyal family pets bolt out of their yards and thru invisible dog fences from thunder and fireworks. Once mine did and one of you saved him. And I've found many others out and about, lost in Milton.
Thanks for looking out for them! They are so so good to us.

- Patti Silva

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