Friday, July 11, 2008

Homelessness Ends With Habitat Build In Milton

By Bob Pepalis / Appen Newspapers

Habitat for Humanity North Central Georgia put two more families into homes at Centennial Village recently, ending years of uncertainty and even homelessness.The Sudduth and Kasimova families signed papers to close on their new homes in Centennial Village on a Friday, and got their keys the next day. That was the occasion for a dedication ceremony, in which Habitat leaders and the families thanked all the volunteers who made it possible.Carolyn Sudduth told those assembled that she did it all for her daughters."It's changed my life. I know it's changed my daughters' lives," she said.The family has been relocated, homeless and has lived in shelters, she said.Her oldest daughter spent every day at the build, with her middle daughter joining in once she turned 16.

Zuhkra "Sultana" Kasimova also said she dedicated herself to the Habitat build for her daughter, Zakir. Her mother, Nasisa Usimova, thanked the volunteers for helping her daughter and granddaughter, with another of her daughters serving as an interpreter.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Habitat for Humanity could develop the FCBOE land on Freemanville Rd. Just think how many people would have new homes and we would not have to tolerate a new school.

Anonymous said...

But where would all the little children go to school? Maybe Lisa would donate her house for a school for the children. Maybe call it "The Lisa"!

Anonymous said...

ticky-tacky, could you please move. not lisa. the one who keeps bashing milton residents. you are obviously not from the south or never learned how to be neighborly. shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a prohibition about using her name on this blog