Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missing MIlton Family Dog Update

Patti Silva and Miltonville are keeping us up to date for the infamous lost dog Bud!

Lost since July 4th; Bud (Lab/Chow mix) was spotted walking down Francis towards Hopewell/Cogburn/Francis intersection (flashing light). But sadly before the driver saw one of the many Missing Dog Signs. Please keep a look out for him. Think about that movie with the dog and the cat roaming around,Homeward Bound, and you'll get the picture of Bud's personality. He is resourceful and is trying to find his way home.
(A small bag of dog bones in your glove compartment works well in times like these;)
CONTACT INFO: 770.343.9323
Thanks for helping Buddy find his way home to his family!

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