Monday, July 28, 2008

Milton, Fulton County Wrestling Over Money


Johns Creek has its money from Fulton County. Now Milton is battling Fulton County to get all of its share.Before the two communities incorporated into cities Dec. 1, 2006, the county collected taxes from residents there with the intent of providing them services. But not all money was spent, and the cities wanted it.Fulton County agreed, and once the Legislature created a legal way to do it, the situation seemed resolved.

For Johns Creek it was. It received $2.8 million, which it promptly put in its reserve fund.
With Milton, the county sent Milton a $4.18 million check. But Fulton County withheld $1.2 million for cleaning up pollution at Providence Park, which the city inherited from the county.
The city cried foul, saying the pollution occurred on the county's watch, and so the county should bear the cost of cleaning it up.

The county said fine, but it was going to pay for the cleanup out of the pre-city-tax taxes. Hence, the withholding of the $1.2 million. Milton wrote the county asking for "clarification" about the withholding. The county hasn't responded yet.


Anonymous said...

If "raslin" is involved, should be a tag team match. Jan Jones & Karen Thurman for Milton vs Emma Darnell & Nancy Boxhill for Fulton County.

Let the hair pulling begin!

Anonymous said...

"I am also realistic. One only needs to look at a map of Georgia to quickly realize that, plainly put, sewer + politics = eventual high density development, and consequently, more crime, traffic, and storm water runoff to endanger .....

It's nice to finally realize, Guns don't Kill people, Sewer does.

Sewer causes crime??? Give me a f%@# Break, this is Milton insantiy at it's finest.

"Consequently.....more crime!

The only thing I can "quickly realize" Nope I ain't a gonna says it, Yes I will ...."Plainly put," You're a moron.

Anonymous said...

This blog was about wrestling over who is to pay for the clean up of Providence Park, not about crime and sewer.

I hope your post @4:56pm is under the wrong topic. However, if you intended it to be'd better start drinking a better grade of whiskey and lay off that mad dog 20/20.