Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Popular Milton Jeweler Killed By Girlfriend In Holly Springs

Appen Newspapers

July 09, 2008

The owner of a popular jewlery business in Crabapple was killed July 6 during what Cherokee County Sheriff's Office investigators are calling a "domestic argument."Capt. Ron Hunton, a spokesman for the sheriff's office, said Thomas L. "T. Lynn" White, 66, of Holly Springs was run over at his New Light Road home by his girlfriend's Chevrolet truck. Investigators said White and Melissa Houston, 38, of Woodstock had been having an argument during which the victim threw a brick through Houston's side passenger window.Houston continued to leave, at which point she struck White with the vehicle, said Hunton. Police were called to the home around 3 p.m.White was taken to Cherokee Northside Hostpial, where he was pronounced dead.

No charges have yet been filed against Houston, pending the outcome of a blood test and ongoing investigation.Hunton said White had previous domestic problems with Houston, including a 2005 battery charge for which he received a pro-bated sentence."Their relationship was somewhat troubled, I guess you could say," said Hunton. "He never stopped seeing her."

White was best known as the owner and proprietor of T. Lynn jewelry, a popular business that had recently moved from down-town Alpharetta, its location for a decade, to Crabapple.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! What a shame. T lynn white was a wonderful human being with a heart of gold. Sometimes (often) slow to finish a job he was always quick with a smile, a helping hand, or a kind word and when the job was finished it was pure perfection. This world has lost a true asset to the jewelry business but more than that this town any many more have lost a true friend!

Anonymous said...

T. Lynn was a wonderful father and friend. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

T. Lynn was a wonderful and generous man. He did not deserve to be killed by an irate woman. May she be punished in the manner that she deserves.

Anonymous said...

T. Lynn left behind a family that loved him very much. He will forever live in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

I worked for T Lynn in the jewelry store years ago and never had more laughs with anyone. He was a wonderful, caring, giving, helpful man and I am heart broken for his son Brian and the rest of his family.
Fran F.

Darrell Young said...

I worked with T. Lynn in the 90's as his computer guy. He named me "Computer Darrell" to keep me separate from another Darrell that fixed his copy machine. I used that name for 20+ years on my business cards and came to be know by it all over Knoxville, with many clients. I only found out recently that T. Lynn had been killed. I was shocked and saddened, as was my family. He was a kind and generous man. May he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Justice, as much as possible anyway, is served! The "girlfriend" charged with felony murder did a plea bargain to a lesser charge admitting trying to kill him and leaving him to die. She received the maximum sentence for the charge to which she plead, vehicular homicide.