Friday, April 04, 2008

A New Family Begins.

Lost Pup Finds New Home With Local Family.

For a few weeks now, and email has been swirling around the Milton Community in the hopes of finding the little beagle pictured above a new family. Prior to that, the D'Aversa family's beloved mixed beagle JJ went missing. Well, it appears as though there is now a "new" family in the City Of Milton. The email below captured this feeling of our beloved city the best.

"I wanted to let everyone know that the beagle has a new home!!!!!

Tina D'Aversa & family adopted the dog.

It really has to make you smile at how just forwarding E-mails can put the right people in touch with each other.

If you remember, a few months ago an E-mail was sent out about how Tina's family lost J.J. (her little Beagle). I know that so many of us were so upset for the heartbreak that Tina and her family were going through. It is so nice to see now that a lost Beagle (Bella) has a new home and though we know J.J. can never be replaced, there is now a beagle back in Tina's household easing their loss a bit.

To me, this is what living is a small community like Milton is all about!!!!!!!"

Many thanks to Tara Chambers and Patti Silva of for getting the word out.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The dog is cute, but Tina is pretier!

Anonymous said...

Too bad her name keeps getting spelled incorrectly...duh

Anonymous said... that's better