Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Milton Gardening Club Has Second Meeting At Scottsdale Farms.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Milton Gardening Club continued to grow as the second monthly meeting was held this past Wednesday at Scottsdale Farms in Milton. An estimated thirty plus residents showed up
at the relaxed event.

The cool evening offered quite a bit of information from Club President Sharon Murphy regarding the focus, goals, and enjoyment that the group planned to bring. Tim & Ginger Enloe of also shared their work to date regarding exposure for the club via the net.

The workshop was handled wonderfully by Scottsdale Farms employees Sarah, Lara, and Diana. Topics of interest included the proper ways to water, drought resistant plants, as well as the protocal required in cultivation of certain species of plants such as Azaleas.

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Please Enjoy The Pictures From The Event Below!


Anonymous said...

Any one know if the City of Milton Spring Fling is still happening?

Anonymous said...
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Miltonville said...

I heard it was canceled. Maybe next year.