Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wreck At Cogburn & Bethany Bend.


As beautiful as our open road neighborhoods are, they have become very dangerous. Much like the reader below, I commend our Fire & Police departments for their quick action today. In closing, please remember that the majority of our two lane roads have families that live on them. Treat them as you would treat your own; obey the speed limit and be aware. Many thanks to this Miltonian for sharing this story with us.

- Tim Enloe / Magnolia Media, LLC

"I witnessed a bad accident today at the intersection of Bethany Bend and Cogburn Road. One car broadsided another going through the intersection almost rolling the vehicle that was hit so hard from the impact. I have to commend the Milton Police, Alpharetta Fire Dept. and Paramedics! The Milton Police were on the scene seconds after I hung up with 911, and immediately the ambulance and Alpharetta Fire department followed. Both parties were injured and tended to immediately. That was the fastest response I have ever witnessed let alone heard of. They handled the traffic at the intersection quickly and cleared the vehicles with tow trucks in a matter of minutes. I commend all those public servants today that took care of those two hurt individuals!

Thankful Milton Resident!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your observation and for calling 911. A friend of mine was in this accident and there seem to have been several at that light. The ambulance got him to the ER quickly and they took good care of him. Were you able to see what happened? We heard that the black SUV ran the red light, but nobody seems sure about what happened. Thanks again for your help.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry. The accident was misfortunate for both parties.
I gave my statement to the Milton Police Officer at the scene and was given a subpoena to appear. Since I have to appear in court as a witness I cannot comment on this blog as to what I witnessed. I was literally just mere seconds from the intersection when it happened. Again, I am very sorry! I hope both people are okay and out of the hospital.