Friday, April 11, 2008

****Milton Dog Missing!****


Please keep an eye out for the Newell's missing yellow lab. Goes by the name "Buck". Should have a shock collar on. Family lives on Bethany Road between Mayfield and Providence (Bethany Farms) . Went missing early Friday. If you find him, please contact:

The Beechums: 770 634 2531
The Allens: 678 296 8812
The Enloes: 770 653 0552

Many thanks!


30004usa said...

One of my friends in Kensington Frams says they found a yellow lab there yesterday. Drive into the S/D and find the signs.

Good Luck!
Patti Silva


30004usa said...

Buck was found, then released, then found again and now has returned home, SMILE.

Anonymous said...


Can I borrow his shock collar?

I know another "Buck" who needs some training to get rid of his arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Shock collars fail. If they didn't fail, the dogs would stay in their yards. If you love your animals so much, put them behind fences so they don't run out on 2 lane roads and get hit by a speeding car or lost. This story had a happy ending thank goodness for the dog.

Miller - Milton