Sunday, April 27, 2008

***Near Miss On Bethany Road***

A silver BMW with tinted windows was driving south on Bethany Road at a very high rate of speed at roughly 7:45pm on Sunday evening. Witnesses estimated the driver was going 90 plus miles per hour. A resident's daughter pulled out of their driveway onto Bethany headed south towards Mayfield Road with her children. The BMW came up on them so fast that a loud screech could be heard all up and down the neighborhood as the offending driver slammed on his brakes. The vehicle then went up on the shoulder of the road to keep from hitting the Honda and narrowly missed the fire hydrant. The BMW is believed to be a late model two or four door model and was last seen pulling into a yellow house off of Green Road before Arnold Mill.
Milton Officer A. Kelton responded to the 911 call and wrote up a report. After which, he headed towards the area of Green Road. Additional city officials have been contacted regarding this incident.
Remember, our two land roads are home to many of Milton's residents. Treat these neighborhoods as you would treat your own!
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